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Fucking Finally

Johannes Mehserle, the BART cop who shot and killed Oscar Grant was arrested and is being charged with murder after waiving extradition.

Alameda County District Attorney Tom Orloff said today that Mehserle had been charged with murder because the evidence showed that Grant was the victim of an unlawful, intentional killing.

The evidence, Orloff said, included witness statements and video footage that has been widely aired on television and the Internet, prompting broad outrage.

In addition to those videos, Orloff said BART had obtained camera footage that has not been seen by the public and proved to be "very valuable."

"From the evidence we have, there's nothing that would mitigate that to something lower than a murder," said Orloff...

And to further quote:
BART board member Lynette Sweet, who called for Chief Gee and BART General Manager Dorothy Dugger to lose their jobs because of how the initial investigation was handled, called the arrest "a great start."

"I just hope that this is for real and that it didn't happen on the eve of this huge rally just to diffuse anger," Sweet said in an interview. "Let's hope it's not a farce. No matter how this plays out, I just hope that justice is served. All eyes will be watching."

I am right there with Lynette. I really hope this isn't a bunch of bullshit and he won't serve any time. But I am AMAZED that he is being charged with murder. He deserves nothing less, but I thought that wouldn't happen.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh, make me over...

Today I began my new life. Which sounds like a really dramatic way to say "I started beauty school" but it's not actually dramatic, just true. Since I graduated from college in 1997 I have worked at one job or another or another or another as a waiterretailclerkqualityassurancetesterofficmanager and dealt with the dissatisfaction that all the iterations of that life can bring. Today I began my first day of schooling to change what I do with my professional life and it fucking rocked. Seriously, even going over the student manual was engaging. I can't believe I get to spend this year learning and learning and learning all of this new stuff. I feel really lucky and excited and intimidated and giddy and thrilled.

And tired, good lord. I was sick all last week and this weekend with a cold-turned-sinus infection and last night I could hardly fall asleep on time due to nerves and excitement. Thankfully orientation day was fairly low-impact and I had a wonderful appointment with my acupuncturist afterward and she loaded me up with natural remedies and gave me a good, long needling session. In my extra-budgeted life this year I really want to make my splurges on these kinds of things as opposed to meals out or cute clothes, which we all know I love. I'm gonna be around students and teachers and clients all the time so I'd rather splash out on wellness and preventative treatments than frivolous crap. That said, if anyone wants to gift me with an iPod Nano or something (my old iPod died a sad death a few months back) to make the bus rides more joyful, I would not be all pious and say no to it. Also, I actually don't expect anyone to buy me that. Maybe just Jesus.

I have a feeling I won't be on here or other interweb places nearly as much this year since I won't have any time/access at school. But I actually don't think that's bad in any way. And this is secretly my favorite "beauty" song there is, no matter how cheesy that may be. Do you think Courtney even remembers being this Courtney?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thoughts on BART Shooting

I'm a little surprised that I haven't seen anyone on my LJ friends list writing about the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant by BART police on January 1st and the resulting protest/riot last night. I'm not saying that in an admonishing way, but more like I tend to see some folks writing about that stuff on my f-list. At any rate, I've been reading a lot about it and watched the news coverage about the protests and an upcoming BART meeting open to the public this morning. The video footage is particularly intense and damning and it's really hard for me to wrap my mind around why Johannes Mesherle (the cop who shot Grant) thought pulling out his gun was necessary at all. Especially when he had a taser on his hip as well. Mind you, most folks are saying it was unnecessary for him to draw ANY weapon, but the gun is so excessive and extreme. Said cop has resigned from his job with BART but he is keeping close-lipped about the incident. Why he hasn't been arrested or brought in for questioning when the police managed to arrest 100+ people at the riot/protest last night is beyond me.

The whole incident is like a horrifying combination of Rodney King and Amadou Diallo and it seems likely that the meager amounts of justice dealt out in those situations will be mirrored in this one. As I got ready for work this morning and listened to the news stories I thought about how many foolish blog posts I read around and after the election implying that Obama's victory would somehow erase not only present day racism but the scars of slavery and racism's violent past in this country. And then something like this happens and it all comes crashing back just how untrue those hopeful, naive statements were. And, sure, people will argue that race has nothing to do with this shooting but honestly, how many more unarmed black men need to be shot in this country before we stop dusting off that old, tired argument?

I always feel a little naive when I am surprised or horrified by situations like this - like I should expect them and be numb to them. But somehow I am always dumbfounded by how horrible shit like this can keep happening and happening.

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Going back in for a touch up appointment soon to finish off the helmet and redo any black parts that need it. But it's SO FUCKING GOOD!!! Once again, all praise to Clio at Black & Blue Tattoo for her amazing work. She has officially graduated from apprentice to full-on artist at the studio and, clearly, does fantastic work. Go see her!

Ex-Boyfriends @ The Elbo Room 1/23/09!

We're playing the launch party for the SF Indie Fest at the Elbo Room on 1/23/09 so come and check us out!!

SF IndieFest Presents
A Benefit/Launch Party for the
11th San Francisco Independent Film Festival
Fri Jan 23, 9p
Shotgun Wedding Quintet - 11:30
Ex-Boyfriends - 10:30
Pollo Del Mar - 9:30
Plus Festival Previews

At Elbo Room, 647 Valencia at 17th
21up, $10, all proceeds benefit the SF IndieFest

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New Year's Eve in Photos