Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Everything Old is Slightly Newer Again

The other day I was made aware of there being a new Pixies song on iTunes. Being curious, I went and downloaded the track entitled "Bam Thwok". I have been listening to it fairly in the last few days as I added it to a playlist for my iPod. I wish I could say I was blown away by it. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike it. It's a good song. But it kind of makes me feel the same way the last Breeders record did. The record had some good songs but it also had a lot of stuff that left me less than satisfied. It felt pretty phoned in and like Kim Deal wasn't "hungry" for it anymore. Like whatever drove her to write such fantastic songs for Pod, The Last Splash and the Safari ep was gone. Hell, even her hastily done side project, The Amps, was more electrifying than Title TK.

When I heard the Pixies were reforming for a reunion tour I was pretty excited. I had discovered them a bit too late to see them play live the first go-round and I thought this would be my chance. Sadly, due to finances, I didn't make it to any of the shows they played in my area. Oh well, better luck next lifetime, right? This was a one time deal this tour. It's not like they'd keep touring and touring and decide to start recording new material, right? Wrong. They are doing just that and it feels more than just a bit underhanded and money-grubbing. Part of me doesn't begrudge them the new attention and money since they certainly deserved it when they first did their thing. I guess I just worry that they'll churn out crap and then tarnish their memory in my mind. Not that it's their job to satisfy me or any fans really. But doesn't it feel craven at all?

When I heard about the "new" Gang of Four album coming out I kind of rolled my eyes. You didn't get the sound you wanted the first time around? Really? It's okay to say you got screwed financially on the first couple albums and that you want to try and recoup some of that. Especially since you influenced about 9 gazillion bands making money off of your sound now. I am not making a total direct comparison to the Pixies here, but it feels similar-ish.

I guess I am sick of people just resurfacing for reunions so much these days. It feels so false and watered down and rarely does justice to the "old days" of any given band or musician. At least Gang of Four and Pixies aren't doing it with largely new lineups with the old band name tacked on. I just wish some of these (very talented) musicians were more interested in starting new bands or putting out new work instead of trying to beat some more money out of their old incarnations. It's inevitable that you will not put out work that lives up to the past work. Hell, the Go-Go's were hardly creating masterpieces but even their old stuff is like gold compared to the utter shit they have tried to release in the last decade. People just need to give nostalgia a break already. That shit is more worn out than a Castro queen's ass after a weekend-long crystal binge.