Friday, June 30, 2006

All our little wishes have run dry.

It wasn't long ago that I rhapsodized about 2 fantastic shows by my favorite band, Sleater-Kinney. Now, less than 2 months later, they are announcing that the band is calling it quits. My initial response was to feel really sad about this and feel like something I loved had kind of died. It may sound silly to some, but music is something I love so much. And musicians and songwriters who can move me as much as Sleater-Kinney do are few and far between. Sure, there are tons of bands, musicians and groups I adore but not many of them get under my skin like S-K.

There's something about their intensity and passion that is so visceral in their music. Each album that came out felt like it fit so well for my life at that moment. And while I know that is 100% coincidence and interpretation, it still held true in my little world. One thing that I've always admired about Sleater-Kinney is that they brought desire and sexuality to the often buttoned up and asexual world of indie rock. Anyone who doesn't get a little hot and bothered over the song "Turn It On" from Dig Me Out just migh not have a pulse. By the way, definitely find and download that song if you haven't heard it before.

But, as much as it's tempting to get majorly down in the dumps over this "indefinite hiatus", I am trying to keep on the positive side of things. First off, there are 7 albums of theirs I can enjoy whenever I want, the most recent of which is by far one of their best ever. Secondly, there is always the hope of them releasing some live material which we've all been craving for some time. And finally, I remember when one of my other most favorite bands in existence, Throwing Muses called it quits back in the late 90s. Not only did they reunite to release one of the best albums of their career in 2003 but there was also the contiuing outpouring of solo music from Kristin Hersh and the creation of her amazing current band 50 Foot Wave.

So I won't be wallowing in sadness (although I don't fault anyone who does) but instead I will blast their music and love it as always and look forward to what the future holds for these three amazing musicians. That, and I will enjoy this mass of awesomeness I just snagged off of Ebay!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bash Back

Kevin Aviance was attacked and beaten in the East Village.

I am nearly speechless with rage. I know I don't live in New York anymore but I feel so outraged that this could happen in my city. I know it's never been a perfect place but the fucking East Village? Who the fuck did these guys think they were? Four fucking cowards attacking one unarmed person. I just feel like this is the legacy left us by Giuliani. He left us a cleaned up city where faggots and dykes and trannies and whores and niggers and spics and anyone who doesn't fit into this narrow minded culture's view of what a valued human being should be is just there to be beaten, berated and destroyed.

I want people who love New York City now that it's "safe" and "clean" to remember shit like this when you're enjoying your $18 martini after you went on the fucking Sex & The City themed tour of Manhattan. This city was made safe for you and unsafe for everyone else. This city has been sanitized for your post-9/11 liberal-conservative consumption. Because I know it was people like you who sat by and watched this happend and DID NOTHING.

Kevin Aviance was one of those people whose face was instantly recognizable for me. He did drag without even needing a drag name he was so ubiquitous. And now that face is mangled, bruised and disfigured. I hope the people who did this rot in jail for 12 lifetimes.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Rebel Girls

For the last 2 weeks I have been fiddling around with iMovie (both a fun and utterly frustrating application) and this is the fruits of my labor. It's a "music video" set to the song "Rebel Girl" by Bikini Kill and features several clips of various super heroines and assorted kickass ladies. Yes, it's a little cheesey. But it's also kind of fun and awesome, if I do say so myself.