Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bash Back

Kevin Aviance was attacked and beaten in the East Village.

I am nearly speechless with rage. I know I don't live in New York anymore but I feel so outraged that this could happen in my city. I know it's never been a perfect place but the fucking East Village? Who the fuck did these guys think they were? Four fucking cowards attacking one unarmed person. I just feel like this is the legacy left us by Giuliani. He left us a cleaned up city where faggots and dykes and trannies and whores and niggers and spics and anyone who doesn't fit into this narrow minded culture's view of what a valued human being should be is just there to be beaten, berated and destroyed.

I want people who love New York City now that it's "safe" and "clean" to remember shit like this when you're enjoying your $18 martini after you went on the fucking Sex & The City themed tour of Manhattan. This city was made safe for you and unsafe for everyone else. This city has been sanitized for your post-9/11 liberal-conservative consumption. Because I know it was people like you who sat by and watched this happend and DID NOTHING.

Kevin Aviance was one of those people whose face was instantly recognizable for me. He did drag without even needing a drag name he was so ubiquitous. And now that face is mangled, bruised and disfigured. I hope the people who did this rot in jail for 12 lifetimes.


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