Thursday, April 27, 2006

Late Night Brush with Fame

When I lived in New York City I was a celebrity magnet - just ask my friend Tronny. I couldn't walk down the street without seeing Paul Rudd, Henry Winkler, Linda Evangelista, etc. Now that I have been living in San Francisco my "celebrity" sitings are now confined to seeing guys from porn movies I have watched. This may sound hot but trust me, most of them do not look that good in person (way NSFW links ahead!). I have seen all of 4 that don't look majorly torn up in real life. Tragic.

Anyways, last night Red and I were enjoying a late-ish post-band practice, post-humping meal at Sparky's and I saw this male-n-female couple come in and sit two booths behind us. The guy looked annoyingly familiar and I was positive I had seen him on TV or in a movie before. My brain went through it's mental rolodex of useless movie and TV trivia. I have a ton of it stored in my mind and I am convinced it takes up all the space that would normally allow me to remember people's birthdays, which I suck at. I am like Kelly Bundy in that one episode of Married With Children where she learns all that new information to go on a TV game show but they show how it is actually pushing old information out of her brain and she ends up forgetting what her Dad does for a living, which is the final question and thus she loses the game. See what I mean?

After staring at Mr. Potentially Celeb it finally hit me and I whisper to Red "I think he was that dude in Showgirls who picks her up hitchhiking at the beginning and end of the movie!" He wasn't 100% sure but I was set to IMDB him when I got home and find out for sure. And I was right! I had seen the one, the only, Dewey Weber who played "Jeff", the guy who picks Nomi Malone up hitchhiking at the beginning and end of Showgirls, one of the best worst movies ever made. This is him and it's pretty much what he looks like now:

He is actually pretty handsome in person. As you can see from his IMDB resume he is no mega-star. But that is why I wish all the more that I had gone up and asked him if he was indeed that guy from Showgirls. Maybe it would've made his night to be recognized. Or, more likely, he would stare at me with pain and exasperation that I had remembered his role in such a tragically embarassing film.


At 4/28/2006 5:17 AM , Anonymous Mikeypod said...

that third guy looks like his hair is painted on....wah?

At 4/28/2006 11:03 AM , Blogger ohnochriso said...

It's a full head tattoo. Apparently he wanted to cover up some scarring. It took me awhile to get used to it, but he's pretty tasty lookin'.

At 4/29/2006 12:31 PM , Anonymous mikeypod said...

yeah he is!


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