Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"I don't have to be relevant, I'm Tori Spelling!"

Oh shit. Oh fucking hell. I am so totally fucked. I am owned. I have found my new TV crack and I can't hide my shame one bit. Sure it's making her money and sure it's putting her out there as a celebrity doing something other than appearing in tabloids. But hell if I can't tip my hat (you know, cuz I wear them so much) to someone who is so willing to make fun of herself so often.

There are at least 3 fake boob jokes in the first 10 minutes. How can you not love it?

And yes, it's totally meta and weird because it's about her "life" but it's "fictional" and she's the only "real" person in it and blah blah blah. But lord knows, I would rather see Ms. Spelling doing this show than having her be cast in something "serious" like another Lifetime movie where she plays a neurosurgeon/sex addict or something else way believable. And, besides all of the Tori Spelling stuff, the show is full of cheap double entendres and tons of easy sex jokes so of course, I love it. Also, gay kissing!


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