Thursday, October 30, 2008

Holy shit, this blog is amazing!!

With much thanks to for introducing me to it, I must tell you to go read the Margaret & Helen blog right the fuck now!! It's seriously amazing. Here is the bio of the blog:

My name is Helen Philpot. I am 82 years old. My grandson taught me how to do this so that I could “blog” with my best friend Margaret Schmechtman who I met in college almost 60 years ago. I have three children with my husband Harold. Margaret has three dogs with her husband Howard. I live in Texas and Margaret lives in Maine.

This is an awesome, albeit blurry photo of them:

And here is a little taste of their blog to show you how amazing it is:

Is there a draft in here?
(Seven Posts in Seven Days - Day 2)

I cannot believe this is even close. How did America get so far off track that a week out from this election many still think it is too close to call?

It was either a few years ago or a few months ago… at my age it all blends together. But I remember it was all over the news and on the cover of all the magazines. One of those new ”starlets”… Paris or Brittney or Lindsey or Chutney or something like that - one of those starlets got caught getting out of a car without her under garments. That’s right. Photographers all around and her hoo-ha was out there for everyone and God to see because she forgot to put on a pair of panties.

I know you all know what I am talking about. It was all over the news. Scandalous they said. Out of control. She needs help. What is the world coming to? EVERYONE was shocked and EVERYONE was talking about it. How could she? What kind of a role model is she for young girls? I know you all remember it. If my scattered brain can remember it, I know you can. People didn’t have to be told how the cow ate the cabbage on that one. We all knew it instinctively.

Well imagine my shock and surprise today when I came across this little item. The latest polls show that only 55% of Americans think that Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President. 55%! FIFTY FIVE PERCENT! This about the woman whose best qualification for the job to date is that she can see Russia from her house. So what exactly does Sarah Palin have to do before the other 45% of this country is shocked enough to realize that she is a “whack job”? Please Lord don’t tell me she has to show her hoo-ha in public.

If, in fact, you are reading this blog and think that Sarah Palin is actually qualified to run the country… well I suggest you check and see if your panties are on because the joke just may be on you.

And as far as McCain goes. Panties or no panties, he’s got to be questioning what he has unleashed on the Republican party. That whack job isn’t going anywhere and the closer we get to election day who knows what she will try. So hang on to your panties everyone. There might be a few skid marks before this is all over.

Harold and I voted early and we voted for Obama. Margaret hasn’t voted yet. She is reading these comments and talking to me every night. If I had to guess today what she will do, I would say that on election day she is going to put her big girl panties on and tell the whack job to go to hell. See, Margaret loves animals and the whole shooting wolves from the air thing has her really upset.

Thanks for stopping by. Get out and vote. I mean it.

And that's just one fantastic post. Helen seems to do most of the writing but she writes a lot about talking with Margaret too. I am so thrilled to discover this and, once again, have the myth dispelled that older folks are all staunch conservatives with closed minds. I have a feeling I will be reading this blog more today than I will be doing my work. Oops!


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