Monday, July 28, 2008

Spotted! On the Streets of San Francisco

Back when I lived in NYC I used to see all kinds of snazzy celebs in my travels throughout the island of Manhattan. Now that I live here in SF I mainly see gay porn stars who are 100x less hot in person than they are on my laptop and/or TV screen. But Saturday I was downtown shopping with friends and saw a clutch of people pass by with a woman I knew I'd seen on television before. It was driving me crazy that I couldn't remember where. In my mind I heard a breathy, girlish voice with a hint of s speech impediment and a demeanor that lent itself to the term "ditzy". I saw a big, toothy, dazzling smile but I still couldn't place her for the life of me. It wasn't until dining on delicious Indian food with my friends Michael and Mike that, through the aid of Michael's interpretations of my vague memories of her, I realized it was none other than Georgia Engel a.k.a. "Georgette" from Mary Tyler Moore and frequent guest star on Fantasy Island and The Love Boat.

I have to say, she looks pretty fantastic now. This is a recent photo I found of her (sandwiched by some gays, naturally):

And another of her dancing it up, musical theater stylee:

She's in the touring cast of The Drowsy Chaperone which is playing here in SF right now. I have to applaud her for not falling prey to the excessive plastic surgery pitfalls that her former co-star Mary Tyler Moore has. It's never sexy or age-defying to look like Madame.


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