Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A Yogi or a Zen Buddhist or a therapist or just a really positive person would tell one that dwelling on one's disappointments. But I seem to have a list of them right now and I feel like putting them down in this here blog might help me cleanse, move on and otherwise heal and other sorts of new age-y action. Besides, reading about stuff complaining is way more fun. Please note that said disappointments range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

1) I'm disappointed in Beth Ditto for appearing in this Nylon photo shoot when she's always been such an outspoken, anti-oppression kind of person. It feels like a rehash of the Riot Grrrl movement where white, class privileged, activist women focussed largely on their own oppression while exhibiting racist, classist attitudes towards women of color and working class/poor women who sought to participate in a supposedly inclusive movement. I know she probably doesn't have 100% control over the editorial direction of a magazine photo shoot but she certainly has the power to say "NO" in the same loudmouth way she speaks out against sizeist beauty standards, sexism and homophobia.

2) I'm disappointed with my band's record label for doing zero press for our mini tour after promising they would. This is the latest in a long list of disappointments on their behalf and I won't get into it because it tends to send me into a white-hot rage.

3) I'm disappointed that it often seems like the underground/indie/local/lesser known music scene seems to be full of people who are more often interested in supporting bands who are high on schtick/image/gimmick and low on talent and actual good songs. Is the only way left to get any kind of attention in this indie world to make everything about some huge ironic wink and make sure that nothing you do seems earnest or honest or just something you seriously love to do?

4) I'm a bit disappointed in the new season of Venture Bros. It's not that it's bad, it just seems like they're trying to make it a more straight forward, story arc-driven show when so much of what made the first two seasons hilarious was how brilliantly random most of the episodes were.

5) I'm disappointed that the medical industry in this country is so highly fucked that were in a serious accident on tour have to call on help to raise money to pay hospital bills and medical expenses due to the supremely backwards world of health insurance. But I am not disappointed in how many people have not hesitated to help them.

And you know what never disappoints me? The song "Disappointed" by Morrissey. It has fantastic drums, witty lyrics and is an all around joy to my ears. You should click here to download the song and experience the lack of disappointment for yourself.


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