Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On a whim and a prayer (kind of)

I was looking at the website for this summer's upcoming True Colors Tour line-up and decided to lightheartedly but also kind of seriously shoot this message to them via their official Myspace page:

So I'm perusing your lineup for the 2008 True Colors tour and it's seriously lacking in some faggy musical talent. What gives? Are Fred Schneider and Carson from Queer Eye all you can muster up? How about, oh, I don't know, a fantastic three piece power pop band with a gay front man and a gay drummer who play catchy, melodic, danceable rock music to balance things out a little.

In other words, us, Ex-Boyfriends. We just played a show with The Cliks here in San Francisco and drew just as much of a crowd as them and rocked the house. I think you owe it to the folks coming to your tour to present them with a tad more musical variety.

We await your request to have us join the tour!

xoxo EXBF

P. S. Yes, this is definitely a bit of a tongue in cheek email but we're also completely serious about wanting to be a part of the tour.

They most likely won't read it but, hey, ya never know! Oh, and imagine our label has done a single thing to get us on a tour like this. NARY!


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