Monday, November 24, 2008

"Situation" Video Debuts on LOGO this Sunday!

[I copied this from our Myspace bulletin because I am lazy. Ex-Boyfriends' video for "Situation" is FINALLY making it onto LOGO!]

It's time to set your DVR on "stunning" or chug a cup of coffee so you can stay up late this Sunday to see the debut of our video for "Situation" on LOGO's NewNowNext program! Now you have the chance to see all the wet, muddy, bondage-y goodness on an actual TV screen as opposed to in a squishy little YouTube video player. Here's the schedule for that Sunday so you make sure to watch/record at the right time.

We're super excited, naturally, and await this video debut as a vehicle to propel us from virtually unknown to slightly less unknown. Hooray!

xoxo EXBF


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