Thursday, September 04, 2008

O Mighty Isis

I know America's Next Top Model is an incredibly silly reality TV show run by an even more silly former model. But it's also a guilty pleasure of mine. And this year the show has its first ever transsexual model in the competition and I think she's fucking awesome on a lot of levels, not the least of which is for her first shoot photo where she had to embody privacy rights as an election year hot topic (lord but Tyra loves to do her "topical" photo shoots):

So far there's been a fair amount of ignorance and straight up vile hatred, but Isis seems to be maintaining a relaxed attitude about the whole situation, even when I am screaming at the television "IT'S NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS WHAT GENITALS SHE HAS YOU FUCKWITS!!" I hope she can maintain her spirit and keep delivering awesome photos. I know she has no chance of winning because Cover Girl would never accept a trans woman as the face of their media campaigns. But I like that she's there, even on something as frivolous as ANTM. Because so many people take shit like reality television really seriously and maybe having her on this show will open their minds a bit more.

God, I sound like a hippie. Anyways, Isis, you're rocking me. I apologize in advance for all the yelling I do at the TV when people are mean to you! Just ignore me and keep on fiercing it up.


At 9/05/2008 3:03 PM , Blogger Donald said...

The show should have kept it quiet until the end, instead of using it as a marketing ploy (everyone check out the hot chick with a dick!).


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