Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can you decide?

I haven't posted in a bit as I have been A) busy and B) uninspired. But due to a hilarious discussion that came up at my workplace about bestiality (I work at a porn company, so our casual discussions are often inappropriate compared to other work environments) I thought of this possible brain twister of a question:

If you absolutely had to choose and there was no way out of it, who would you rather have sexual intercourse with: an animal or an immediate family member? (i.e. mother, father, sibling - no second cousins or hot step-uncles or anything)

I honestly don't know if I could decide. Like if the fate of the universe hung in the balance and my choice would ensure it's safety, the universe might be fucked.

Oh my God, I had to cross this out because the thought of either answer groads me out so much. So hey, what would you rather eat - a box of donuts or a box of donut holes?? DIFFICULT CHOICE.


At 8/20/2008 5:52 PM , Blogger Scot Colford said...

Well, naturally, it depends on the animal.


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