Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My People Shame Me, Make Me Giggle.

Greeks from the island of Lesbos take gay rights group to court over use of term 'Lesbian'.

Greek people being somehow anti-gay/displeased with being associated with gayness is, like, the height of irony. They didn't call it "the unspeakable vice of the Greeks" for nothing! But come on, how can you not LAWLZ at this quote:

"My sister can't say she is a Lesbian," said Dimitris Lambrou. "Our geographical designation has been usurped by certain ladies who have no connection whatsoever with Lesbos," he said."

Thanks to Shane for the link!


At 5/03/2008 9:09 AM , Anonymous Huntington said...

It's the phrase "certain ladies" that makes me giggle. "Woman, Mr. ___. Don't call me a lady; I wouldn't call you a gentleman."


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