Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fuck girls only WW shirts.

Fuck girls only WW shirts
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Sometimes I am totally annoyed by gendered clothing. Not so much that there are clothes cut for people who are born with male bodies or cut for people who are born with female bodies. I understand the inherent differences and I am not so much of a maroon that I think such differences should never be highlighted in clothing. What bothers me is how certain things that occur in clothing - especially when it comes to color and iconography - get so intensely gendered.

Like this Wonder Woman t-shirt for example. Why in the hell does this shirt only come in a cut that generally suits someone female-bodied (not to mention female bodied and only of a certain size)? Or, at the very least, tiny-male bodied? It's 2007 and yet we still have to adhere to the notion that only women would want to own a fucking Wonder Woman shirt? Seriously? Even in the Castro?? I mean, how dated and ass-backwards is that?! I hate that almost the only time you ever see any kind of female iconography on male clothing it's in a total T-n-A/pinup girl kind of way - where women are sexualized and therefore can be worn by a heterosexual male without anyone questioning his sexuality? Clearly, he wants a shirt with a woman with BIG BEWBS on it so he can, I don't know, jerk off to it when he looks in the mirror or something.

It's just ludicrous to me that an item of clothing like this shirt is so relegated and so gendered. It can't come in multiple cuts and styles? The people who manufacture it are SO ignorant that they don't consider that a single male consumer would want to own it also? Fuck. That. Bullshit.

And don't even get me started on color. I've seen some strides made recently where men are allowed to bust out of the usual black/dark blue/gray/every earth tone palette that so many of my brethren (both gay and otherwise) lock themselves into. But I still can't wear a fucking pink hoodie without some suburban fuckstain yelling "FAG" at me out of the window of his mother's SUV. Seriously? You're still relegating color to gender? Do you also think that women need to stop wearing pants and voting so much? How archaic can you get?

The t-shirt in question is so me it's not even funny. Except it won't ever be me unless I wake up a tiny twink tomorrow morning. Perish the thought!


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