Sunday, February 25, 2007

Recording the new Ex-Boyfriends Album, Day 1.

Today was day one in the studio recording the new EXBF album. We're working over the course of 4 weekends so none of us have to take time off from work to record. This album is being engineered by Aaron Hellam at Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, California.

I'm really excited to work with Aaron again because he's such a fantastic engineer. He's already well aware that the songs for this album are different from the ones on Dear John and he has no intention of trying to do the same production again. He gave me a list of new drum heads I needed to get to record and I am not 100% loyal to buying those same heads from here on out. My drums sound seriously fantastic.

This weekend we're tracking drums with Colin and Peter doing scratch guitar and bass tracks for me to follow as well as Colin doing a scratch vocal track. It's hilarious to hear his vox in playback cuz he is singing kind of high and quiet and he sounds like this weepy little emo child with a frog in his throat. Being the badass that I am I tracked 8 songs out of 12 in about 4 hours and 15 minutes. And 3 of those songs were in one take. Go me!

I will continue to take pics during the recording process and I have some video I will be compiling once we're done. Go here to see more photos from today.


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