Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh. My. God. Shoes.

My new insomnia-based activity I do to try and zone out my brain is looking at shoes online that I could never afford. And since I can't afford them I can't buy them so there's nothing wrong with me wanting these Bruno Magli loafers in every color available, right?



At 10/15/2008 3:58 PM , Blogger Donald said...

Thank God for economic woes. These kicks are just ugly.

At 10/15/2008 4:07 PM , Blogger ohnochriso said...

Hey now, Cuntrella, no need to come here and spew bile all over my fantasy!

At 10/16/2008 3:56 AM , Blogger Donald said...

It wasn't spew, it was concern for your feet.

At 10/16/2008 8:44 AM , Blogger ohnochriso said...

That's nice and all, but I think I know what's best for my dogs.

At 10/17/2008 10:39 AM , Anonymous shaun said...

whatever. i'd probably wear the black ones. that shit is kinda cute.


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