Sunday, June 01, 2008

What You Want In Your Mouth

Dark chocolate bacon cupcakes!! From a recipe I got thanks to the lovely and foodtastic Jen. Her photos of her cupcakes are way better!

And here is a video of me eating one for the first time. Try not to be too jealous or touch yourself as if you were watching some really sexy pornography.

Recipe here.

Frosting recipe I used (Is a great dark chocolate frosting, great for any cupcake!)


At 6/01/2008 11:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want your dark, meaty confection inside me.

At 6/01/2008 6:12 PM , Blogger jhames said...


At 6/01/2008 6:24 PM , Blogger ohnochriso said...

Go back to your soy, vegan boy!

At 6/01/2008 9:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that beats what I said. It also almost made me vomit.

At 6/01/2008 10:46 PM , Blogger ohnochriso said...

Dear Anonymous,

Okay, now you're just gross. Bye!

xoxo chriso

At 6/03/2008 11:12 AM , Blogger Matty said...

2 Girls 1 CupCake


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