Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just in case you did not get the memo.

It is no longer acceptable, nor will it likely ever be again, to wear a "sexy devil" costume for any costume-oriented function. Be it Halloween or a birthday party, masquerade ball or themed event: the "sexy devil" is over. Done. Kaput. Finito. And yes, this includes any sort of tight-leather-pants-and-a-tight-top-with-discreet-red-horns-
on-my-head type of ensemble as well.

Along with the "sexy devil" costume you can also forget the following: "sexy nun", "pregnant nun", "sexy schoolgirl", "pregnant schoolgirl", "sexy French maid", "sexy, pregnant French maid" and, in fact, any costume that you think can be improved by adding the touch of "sexy" and/or "pregnant". It is bad. Baaaaad. Bad, bad, bad, badly bad.



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