Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hello Pranky

I came back from a week long vacation to two emails waiting for me at my job at Kink.com (NSFW link) - I was having my phone forwarded to the company directory so people only left messages with me if they dialed "O" for operator. One message was about renting space for an event and the other was this little gem:

Totally NSFW message from a customer expressing their desires to see different content on our sites.

At first I did not hear what seems to be supressed giggles in the background. But now I am about 98% sure this is a prank. Albeit a rather creative one. Ryan is convinced that at the very end, after about a second of silence, the caller says "I queefed!" before "she" hangs up. I say "she" because the caller also sounds like a teenaged boy.

Every once in awhile this job pays off in amusement.


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